Our Team

Working as a team is an essential part of running a successful bulk carrier business. By working together, members of the team can ensure higher efficiency in order to better serve global markets. With proper organization and communication, team members can coordinate their efforts to maximize efficiency. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and greater profitability for the company as a whole.

Team Bulk Carriers is managed by the most experienced and dedicated Team of professionals with extensive knowledge in all aspects of the shipping industry. Our operation staff are well experienced and are available to co-ordinate with our customers prior to and during loading and discharging of the customers valuable cargo. We continue to deliver unrivalled dedication to customers, and we believe that it can make a positive difference to our client’s business.

Our Management

Our Chartering Team

Captain Sunil Kapur

Director Shipping

Hameed Nazeem

General Manager - Chartering,UAE

Eusuf Hussain

Senior Manager - Chartering

Umer Siddiqui

Senior Manager - Chartering


Manager - Chartering

Ajmal Idris

Executive - Chartering

Syed Azmi

Data Analyst

Operations Team

Joseph Chacko

Head of Operations

Capt. Sithik Anwar

Manager - Operations

Ilyas Ahamed

Manager - Postfixture Operations

Ahamed Imran

Manager - Operations


Manager - Operations

Anandan Manohar

Asst. Manager - Operations

Seyed Tariq

Executive - Operations

Abdul Raheem

Executive - Operations

Thameem Mohammed

Junior Executive - Operations

Hibbran Moulana

Junior Executive - Operations

Bunker Desk

Jamil Mohamed

Manager - Bunker Desk

Finance & Admin

Naval Agarwal

Manager - Finance

Jeganatha Perumal

Manager - Accounts

Abdullah Maideen

Executive - Accounts & Admin

Saeid Al-Khudri

Executive - Admin

Abdul Rahuman

Admin Clerk