Job Description

As post fixture operations manager, you will be solely responsible for the smooth and reliable execution of Charter Parties and other post fixing matters including, but not limited to:

– Operation of vessels from delivery till redelivery.
– Follow-up until proper closure of files.
– Follow-up on outstanding payments (receivable freights/reimbursements/overpaid hire etc.)
– Co-ordination with brokers, appointment of worldwide shipping agents and negotiating most competitive D/As.
– Timely arrangement of surveyors etc at competitive pricing.
– Calculation of laytime for loading and discharging processes.
– If required by the company, you may be asked to visit ports to monitor and expedite loading/discharging operations.
– Comparing pre-fixture calculations with final voyage results and calculating the profitability of the respective voyages (calculating voyage results).

– Keeping proper filing and statistics about the fixtures under your control readily available when requested.
– Liaising with other Group offices and sharing information, if requested.
– Ensure the proper working of the office and related administrative tasks

As post fixture operations manager you shall also be required to support the Chartering Department including, but not limited to providing information like market research and D/A’s.

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